What We Shipped: 10+ new Waitwhile features in February

Here are the latest Waitwhile product updates in our quest to make Waitwhile the best possible waitlist and scheduling platform.

What We Shipped: 10+ new Waitwhile features in February

Here are the latest updates in our quest to make Waitwhile the best possible waitlist and scheduling platform.

Allow guests to join your waitlist from Google Maps 📌

You can now let guests discover and join your waitlist directly on Google Search and Google Maps.

How it looks:

How it works:

  • Guests can view your wait time and join your waitlist in Google Search and Google Maps.
  • The added convenience for your guests will make more of them visit you!
  • As always, you can control what business hours your waitlist is open.

Google only supports this for restaurants right now… but will hopefully add other business types later this year!

Learn how to enable Google Maps integration

New settings page to manage how guests join your waitlist or make bookings ✨

We've now moved all settings for how guests join your waitlist or schedule bookings into one simple place: Self Check-in Settings

Here you can control how you'd like to allow your guests to join your waitlist or make bookings in minute detail, plus a lot of new styling and configuration options.

Check out the new settings page

Generate a QR code for your waitlist or booking page 📱

We now let you download a QR code for your waitlist and booking links that you can print on signage and collateral to share with customers.

Download your QR codes from the Self Check-in Settings page

Allow guests to join waitlist via SMS with more control 💬

Your guests can simply text “JOIN” to join your waitlist. You can set it to immediately add them to the waitlist (with only their phone number) or prompt them to sign up online where you can capture more information about them.

We’ve now added a lot more configuration options, including what SMS keywords to use and what the text response should say.

Try setting up SMS signup settings (paid plans only)

Daily waitlist performance email 📈

If you’d like to keep track of your waitlist or booking performance, make sure to enable the Waitwhile Performance Email in your account.

We’ll send you a daily or weekly summary of your number of guests, average wait times, no-shows and even detailed breakdowns for your staff members and services. Perfect to impress your management!

Enable performance email under Notification settings

Resources can now serve guests at different speeds ⚡

You can now control how quickly each resource serves a guest.

For example, let’s say you have two barber resources - Joe and Sam. Joe works super fast and trims customers in half the time it takes Sam, who is more thorough.

You can now set this for each resource so that your wait time estimations are more accurate = happier guests!

Set your resource speed under Resources settings

Easier to change your password 🔒

Good password hygien is incredibly important to safeguard your online security. Things like using different passwords on every different site or service, ensuring the passwords are strong and difficult to guess and more tips.

We've now made it easier to quickly change your password in your Waitwhile profile page.

Update your password under the Profile settings page

A Few More Things

  • Saved replies can now be reordered: You can choose how your saved replies appear to quickly add canned SMS responses to your guests. See how.
  • Set different allowed party sizes for waitlist and bookings: You can now set different allowances for party size based on if it’s an appointment or for the waitlist. See how.
  • More control over your services: It’s now easier to specify which services are required for guests and how many they are allowed to pick. See how.
  • Plus 50+ Bug Squashes: Checking bugs off our list so you can check guests off yours.

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to email us at hello@waitwhile.com with improvement ideas you’d like to see!

Stay safe and happy waitlisting!

The Waitwhile team