Happy New Year, friend!

We sure are glad that 2020 is behind us. And to ring in the new, we thought we’d share the latest updates in our quest to make Waitwhile the best possible waitlist platform.

Waitwhile is now (much) better on mobile ⚡

Waitwhile has been upgraded into a Progressive Web App (PWA) which makes it run much more like a native app on Android and iOS. You can now easily add the app on the mobile home screen and run it in full-screen mode 👇

→ Learn how to add Waitwhile as an app icon on iOS and Android‌‌

Waitwhile now supports 10+ languages 🇫🇷

We've now added support for multiple languages in Waitwhile including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. You can even let your guests pick their preferred language and all the content is automatically updated to that language!

Enable new languages in Waitwhile‌‌

Google Tag Manager support ✨

You can now add your own Google Tag Manager container on your Waitwhile customer-facing pages. This will allow you to better understand how your customers interact with your waitlist and bookings - plus, track your marketing campaigns.

Enable Google Tag Manager for your account

Play a sound when someone joins your waitlist 🔔

Chime! Waitwhile can now play a little sound whenever someone joins your waitlist to alert your team about it. This is helpful if you’re not constantly monitoring your waitlist but don’t want to miss out. Plus, we support other sound triggers too!

Enable sounds in Waitwhile

Resources can now be snoozed 😴

We've now made this easier by letting you mark a resource as away for a specified duration with our new "snooze" feature. You can now set how long a resource will be away and after the time elapses it's automatically made available again. This is great if they plan to go on a quick lunch break!

Try snoozing your staff members under Resource Settings

Export your Analytics in a neat report 📈

We now let you export your waitlist and booking statistics across all your locations in one simple spreadsheet report. It couldn’t be easier to share your great success with the rest of your company!

Export your reports under the Analytics page

New Waitwhile integrations with Zoom, Salesforce, Calendar and more ⚙️

Waitwhile is better together with the other tools your business uses. It’s easier than ever to connect Waitwhile to thousands of apps and services through our Zapier connector. Here are some things you can now do:

  • Create Zoom meetings for new Waitwhile bookings. Try it!
  • Create Salesforce leads from new Waitwhile registrations. Try it!
  • Print waitlist confirmations in Google Cloud Print for new Waitwhile guests. Try it!
  • Sync Waitwhile bookings to your Google Calendar. Try it!

A Few More Things

  • Services can now be reordered: You can now more easily control in which order your services should appear with the new “order” setting
  • Bug bounty program: We’ve launched a bug bounty program to reward people that find security issues with Waitwhile
  • Inviting users between locations: If you have multiple locations in Waitwhile, it's now easier to share access for your team under the User Settings.
  • Plus 50+ Bug Squashes: Checking bugs off our list so you can check guests off yours.

And that’s just a glimpse of what’s new — check out all the latest updates! As always, feel free to shoot us an email at hello@waitwhile.com with improvement ideas you’d like to see!

Stay safe,
The Waitwhile team