We’re always improving Waitwhile to make it the fastest and most delightful queue platform in existence. In a typical week, we release 15-20 new things — both under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, along with new shiny features.

A complaint we often get is that we’re terrible at sharing all the new things we release. So going forward we’ll be sharing a monthly recap of interesting Waitwhile updates - starting now 👇

Capacity Management in Waitwhile 👥

During COVID, many businesses have strict limits on the number of people they can allow inside. Waitwhile now lets you track your occupancy and update whenever a customer enters or leaves. Your waitlist is automatically turned on once you hit your capacity limit and people need to wait to enter.​

​→ Learn more about this feature

No-show and Cancellation texts 💬

You can now send an automatic SMS or Email confirmation to your guests if they're cancelled or marked as a no-show. This is great to keep them informed and maybe also encourage them to reschedule for another time.

​→ Enable this under Alert Settings

Integrate Waitwhile with 2000+ apps through Zapier ⚡

Waitwhile is better together with the other tools your business uses. Now it’s easier than ever to connect Waitwhile to thousands of apps and services through our new Zapier app.

​Here are some things you can now do:

  • Create a Zoom meeting for new Waitwhile bookings
  • Sync your bookings with Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Print a confirmation receipt when a guest joins your waitlist

Get started here

More controls for your bookings 📅

We’re made 20+ improvements to Waitwhile bookings this month including these new settings:

  • Restrict that a person can only have 1 booking at a time.
  • Allow your staff to be able to overbook already full slots (if you want to squeeze in some VIPs, for example)
  • Control if you want Resources to impact your available time slots or not.

Explore the new Booking setting

Public Waitlist design ✨

Displaying your Public Waitlist on a large TV monitor is a popular method and we’ve made it look better!

​→ Try your new public waitlist here

Waitwhile's new status page

Keeping Waitwhile up and running at all times is our single biggest priority. Now you can monitor the health of the Waitwhile system in realtime on status.waitwhile.com and subscribe to important updates.

​→ Visit the Waitwhile Status page