5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs to Ditch the ‘Pen & Paper’ and Start Using a Waitlist App 🍽

Let’s face it: when we’re hungry, no one likes to wait for a table. Restaurants, more so than many other industries, can literally see sales ‘walk out the door’ when a host quotes a wait time that is too long. Between long lines, inaccurate wait times, and crowded lobbies, we know that the longer your guests wait, the »

5 Reasons Why Your Pet Care Business Needs a Queue Management System 🐶

With pets, anything can happen. Between potty breaks, unfriendly pooches, and grumpy kitties, we know that stresses usually run high when our favorite furry friends visit their favorite pet places. When lobby’s start to feel cramped or kennels get full, it can be hard to keep the peace. Implementing a queue management system at your groom shop or veterinary »

Why Implement a Queue Management System for Retail Stores? 🛒

Whether you call it a queuing system, line management software, skip the line app, or a virtual queue, Waitwhile helps you with that critical job you have - not to let the ‘Customer Service Counter’ at your store turn in to that dreaded area that no one wants to be in. »

Holiday product updates!

As things calm down for the holidays, we'd thought we’d share some new stuff from Waitwhile that we’ve been brewing over the past few weeks that your business can immediately put into use! 1. Staff Alerts It’s easy to miss when a customers signs up through your Check-In, but now you can automatically send yourself a text »