Most retail businesses deal with the notorious queue challenge every single day: lines. They struggle to secure a large volume of customers to win the fierce battle with an endless sea of competitors threatening to provide better customer service. How they handle this challenge impacts important customers decisions, and ultimately determines whether they recommend the store to their friends, are they willing to come back, and how they feel about the brand. This customer decision journey is complex and to stay at the top, retail establishments need to ensure their customers have a positive experience every step of that bumpy way. How do you achieve that with your business? Waitwhile is an easy-to-use tool that is right here to help.

Whether you call it a queuing system, line management software, skip the line app, or a virtual queue, Waitwhile helps you with that critical job you have - not to let the ‘Customer Service Counter’ at your store turn in to that dreaded area that no one wants to be in. Waitlist for stores and retails services can empower your employees with a manageable way to handle wait times, and deliver more free time, fewer walkouts, and happier customers. With a tap of a button, your customers can snag a place in line and stay up to date on their wait eta with SMS texts giving them the freedom to run errands while they wait. That’s just the beginning. So, why use a queue management system for retail? Check out these five reasons!


#1 Pick A Service 🛍

Turn your Customer Service Counter into the weapon against bad experiences by offering solutions to common problems. Waitwhile’s waitlist app for retail is designed to be customizable, so you can let customers pick what service they want like “Personal shopping”, “Gift wrap” or “Returns” and assign customers to your store employees based on the service.

#2 Reminders via SMS Text & Email 💬

Waitwhile helps keep your customers informed with interactive SMS Messages and Email notifications throughout the waitlist process. Not only will your clients know exactly when you are ready for them. Waitwhile SMS ‘word triggers’ offer text options to allow your clients to cancel if they solved the problem on their own, or interact with you to let you know they are going to be late saving you and your business valuable time and money!

#3 Find Wait Times Online - Not in an App

Our waitlist app knows that not everyone ‘wants another app to add to their phone’. That’s why we don’t make your clients download anything to be able to reserve a spot in line. All of our waitlists can be easily viewed via a normal URL link, making it easy for your customers to ‘get in line’ anywhere internet connection is available! Use your waitlist link in the navigation bar of your website or add it to your social media pages. You can even display it on a tablet kiosk near your customer service counter so your customers can walk right up and put in their information. With your personal waitlist URL link, Waitwhile gives your customers the ability to join the line whenever and however they want.

#4 Makes a Worthwhile Wait 🦄

Let’s be honest: No one likes to wait, it feels like a waste. Waitwhile gives your customers the gift of time and the opportunity to do something else while they wait for their turn. Does your customer need to return a pair of shoes? No problem; they can check in and shop while they wait their turn, turning their return in to a happy shopping experience and another sale.
A real time ETA is given based on which of your staff members are working, how long services take, and how many people are in line. With a link to their personal wait time sent directly via SMS text, your customers can see a real wait estimate based on all of the information in your system, freeing them up to go do something else while they wait!

#5 Unlimited Users - Unlimited Analytics 📊

Whether you only have one person working at a time, or an army of customer service superstars, Waitwhile’s unlimited Users allows you to invite as many employees to your team as needed. Your employees can log in to their own version of Waitwhile at any time giving you the ability to check real time analytics to tell you how the entire waiting process is working. See how much money your services have made, track how long it takes them to get through the line, find out which employee is the fastest, and much more!

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Happy waitlisting!