Team access, Branding and Email Alerts

2016 is upon us and with it comes a slew of improvements for Waitwhile. In particular there are four features you've asked for that we've finally brought you: Multi-admin access Add logo and change color theme Edit customers and see visit history Email alerts Here's a quick run down of each feature. 1. Share access with your co-workers You can »

Waitwhile goes out of Beta!

Hooray! We finally launched the next version of Waitwhile with a slew of improvements. Simpler and more intuitive waitlist design Easier to view wait time estimate at a glance Better check-in flow for guests (try it!) Ability to edit and sort guests Improved dashboard to view your metrics More flexibility to customize your waitlist Better customer CRM and ability to »

Wait-a-while (the flower)

So there's a funny flower called Wait-a-While. Earlier whenever someone googled for "Waitwhile", Google asked if they really meant to look for the flower. It's not called Wait-a-While because the flower is so pretty that people stop to enjoy it, but because its thorns latches on to their clothes. Since we hope Waitwhile latches on to businesses because »

Hello world!

Waitwhile has been changing rapidly over the first 6 months since inception. Now it's time for a breather and actually start sharing news and educating our fantastic users about the many things we're updating and releasing. So that's what we'll be doing on this blog. Share news, best practice guides and more in-depth tutorials on how to do different things. »